We Have Multiple Great Service Options for You

Our Services

We have an array of restoration services available for you to choose. If we do not offer a specific service here at our shop, we have trusted partners with several years of experience who will get the job done!

Body Services

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We offer a variety of body services at our shop:

– Disassemble and catalog every piece on the vehicle
– Pull body off the frame (optional)
– Media Blast and restore frame (optional)
– Media blast or mechanically/chemically strip vehicle
– Metal repairs of all rust
– Replace or re-plate all trim
– Completely smooth out body of all waves and dents


Painting Services

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We offer several painting services:

– Etch, prime, and seal vehicle after stripping
– High build primer after bodywork
– Block and sand entire vehicle
– Paint and clear vehicle (includes all jambs, under hood, and under deck lid)
– Sand and buff
– Undercoat vehicle


Mechanical Services

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We are well equipped to offer you several mechanical services:

– Rebuild existing mechanical systems or replace systems
– Upgrade brake, steering and suspension systems
– Replace engine with a crate motor
– Upgrade transmission and gearing for a smoother ride

If You Have A Classic Car Or Hot Rod You Want To Be Restored, Visit Our Shop

We are here to answer any questions you may have. We have all the tools needed to turn your investment into the car of your dreams. Come and visit us!